Math With Latex and PMath

Today i’m trying wordpress plugin for math, so here some example :
Using latex
e^{\i \pi} + 1 = 0

E = mc^2 \lambda,\xi,\pi,\theta,\mu,\Phi,\Omega,\Delta \sqrt{x^{2} + \sqrt{y}} (\overline{x} - t^)

Using pmath
[pmath size=16]\alpha, \theta, \upsilon, \beta, \vartheta, \pi, \phi, \gamma, \iota, \varpi, \varphi, \delta[/pmath]
[pmath size=16]\kappa, \rho, \chi, \epsilon, \lambda, \varrho, \psi, \varepsilon, \mu, \sigma, \omega, \zeta [/pmath]
[pmath size=16]\nu, \varsigma, \eta, \xi, \tau, \Gamma, \Lambda, \Sigma, \Psi, \Delta, \Xi, \Upsilon, \Omega, \Theta, \Pi, \Phi[/pmath]

[pmath size=16]P(\overline{x} – z_{\alpha/2} * {\sigma/\sqrt{n}} < \mu < \overline{x} + z_{\alpha/2} * {\sigma/\sqrt{n}})[/pmath] [pmath size=16](\overline{x} - t_{\alpha/2, n-1} * {S/\sqrt{n}} , \overline{x} + t_{\alpha/2, n-1} * {S/\sqrt{n}})[/pmath] [pmath size=16]n = (2z_{\alpha/2} * {\sigma/w})[/pmath]

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